unions and guilds

A Complete List of Film Unions And Guilds In Entertainment

Through all the glitz and glamour that the Hollywood and filmmaking industry is known for, it’s still a business. Like many businesses, organizations are created to protect their workers and ensure they are treated equally and fairly. Some organizations come from Human Resources, Unions, and Guilds. Hollywood is no exception, and a central cog in […]

film grant

Tips On Perfecting The Film Grant Of Your Dreams

With every level of creativity and experience in making a feature or short film, there are levels of hard work and dedication that goes in behind the scenes. Many aspiring filmmakers find ways to finance their projects through crowdfunding, but a film grant is just as vital. Unfortunately, funding is the biggest hurdle to getting […]

leading lines

What Are Leading Lines And How Are They Used

Film composition is a list of techniques directors, and cinematographers use to enhance the moviegoing and television-watching experience. Many of these techniques are subtle in ways or overly obvious when looking. For example, a strong sense of color may convey the scene’s tone or feel, a sound or music note to bring out an emotion, […]

line producer2

What Is A Line Producer And Tips On How To Be The Best At It

Putting a production together is no easy task. Many factors come into play when producing a movie or television program that many outside of the Hollywood industry doesn’t see. In the film production hierarchy, there are three groups of people. “Above-the-line” consist of those who influence production creatively, “below-the-line” has members of production and post, […]

Denise Khumalo1

Director Spotlight: Denise Khumalo

Many people worldwide come to California for their spot in the entertainment industry. Some have hit the ground running to become significant players in acting, directing, writing, modeling, and anything that would make them a household. Denise Khumalo is one of those massively talented individuals making herself known in Hollywood. Denise Khumalo was born in […]

directing music videos

How To Direct Your First Music Video And Launch Your Career

Despite the ever-changing world of media, music videos are still a viable source of discovery of new artists and entertainment. Whether creating a music video on a camera phone or an expensive and professional shoot, this type of creativity plays a significant role in advancing the music career of a band or artist. Yet, this […]

10 LGTBQ+ Organizations Worth Donating To And Supporting

The LGTBQ+ has been an essential factor in our society. But unfortunately, it’s taken decades and efforts of those in and out of the community to reach the equal rights they have today. Parts of society have allowed opportunities for this group of people to live without fear or percussion, but more can be done. […]

9 Indigenous Filmmakers Building the Future of Cinema

Actors, writers, producers, and directors are becoming more reflective of their audience to share interesting and new stories. As a result, many minority groups are being heard through television and film by introducing thought-provoking subject matter to viewers. This uptick in diversity has opened the door to African, Latin, Asian, and Indigenous-led stories that finally […]

black owned productions

6 Black-Owned Production Companies To Follow

The entertainment industry is becoming more reflective of today’s society, with its producers, directors, writers, and actors coming from all walks of life. Over decades of progression in TV and film has been key to helping the entertainment industry strive and create new inclusive opportunities. With that progressive nature, the TV and filmmaking landscape has […]

color theory

Color Theory In Cinema

Part of the art of film is to stir emotions in the viewer for a more immersive experience. Therefore, the composition of each individual and the sound in a movie is crucial in cinema. However, color and color theory are just as important. The aesthetic choices when coloring a character’s wardrobe or an object in […]


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