Greeting readers on the internet! Welcome back to Revolution Entertainment Services for our second advice column on everything in the production payroll world. The film and television production payroll industry is one of the vital moving parts in the giant cog of entertainment. So many hard-working folks tirelessly apply their accounts, payroll advisors, and coordinators skills to help productions run as smoothly as possible.

Issues and concerns arise every day that could lead to some serious “hiccups” during the many stages of production. One possibility is that common payroll mistakes have been known to bring a film shoot to a complete halt. However, those behind the scenes in the payroll industry continue getting the best solution to ensure that’s not common.

From time to time, many take a moment to give advice and ideas on how to serve you better. That’s why we asked Revolution Entertainment Services employees what support could help our clients. These words of knowledge and helpful tips can aid those in need of knowing the ins and out of how to avoid common payroll errors.

Starting on the Right Foot

The beginning process of inputting the correct information during the earlier stages of a new job assignment is vital to have a steady workflow. However, a person can run into issues later down the line that prohibits their paychecks from being released or a notice of missing hours. Fortunately,  Payroll Coordinator Diego Ortega has a simple solution.

“Incorrectly filling out the ‘start’ portion for an Employee can lead to issues down the road and affect the speed at which the coordinators process the time cards. On the other hand, correctly filling out ‘starts’ can allow us to process the submitted timecards in minutes—assuming the timecards are correctly filled out.”

Diego Ortega – Payroll Coordinator

Giving The Production Payroll Process Time

Each payroll company has there own system and method for processing thousands of entries. However, some would say that, to its core, common issues do still arise. A case in point is time cards, how they are processed, and how the length of time each time card takes to ensure everything is in order.

“When an employee submits timecards on pro hire for production approval. Once Production reviews and approves the employee’s timecard, it gets ‘sent over to payroll’ at revolution. The Status of “Payroll Processed” does not necessarily mean that payment has been issued to the employee. But it could mean that payroll is currently being worked on or waiting for final release approval from production.”

Berlin Barrera – Junior Payroll Coordinator

The Correct Work Location in Production Payroll

And sometimes, the advice from those within Revolution Entertainment Services is just a simple solution that can prevent ramifications if the information inputted is correct. For example, our buddy Mike Chouldjian has some straightforward advice to keep in mind regarding work locations.

“Clients need to make sure the correct work locations are selected when entering the timecards, which avoids tax adjustments.”

Mike Chouldjian – Payroll Coordinator


The world keeps turning, and more helpful payroll advice keeps coming. However, there are still plenty of lessons to learn when avoiding common payroll errors. In these stressful times, it’s good to have someone by your side, like Revolution Entertainment Services, to help you with all your production payroll needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for any questions or to aid with your payroll production. We aim to put our clients first.