There are many moving parts that have to run to produce a film to the best of its ability. You also want to be meticulous and organized for all the fun in moviemaking. Many technological advancements have allowed that idea to become the standard in moviemaking, whether you are a student or an experienced filmmaker. Fortunately, production management is heavily required on most film sets, and production management software works tangentially with those skills.

What is a Production Management Software?

The tools behind moviemaking have improved drastically to become more advanced and efficient. These advances allow filmmakers to create better projects with less time and money. What is vital to that is production management software. Production management software enables the Production Managers (PM) and their teams to better organize everything on set. This includes script breakdowns, storyboards, call sheets, meetings, and coordinating.

The helpful software lets PMs keep track of paperwork in one place. It enables them to make changes and also share them with the crew. Film production is hectic, and having the right production management software will set the path for a successful film shoot. That’s why we’ve compiled a production management software list to help you with the necessary knowledge and resources on your filmmaking journey.


This creative management is for every type of visual production. The production management software is helpful for content creators in every kind of production during its creation. Yamada provides services that include tracking & scheduling shooting, managing personnel, and creating & sharing scripted content. In addition, the software is perfect for commercials & documentaries, communication and collaboration, and more.

Features of the software also consist of call sheets and comprehensive pre-production documents. In addition, the product is cloud-based, perfect for the “on-the-go” user. Yamdu “Spark” tier will run you $70 per month, per project, and one user, with prices going up.

Gorilla Scheduling 7

When it comes to going for classic and reliable software, Gorilla Scheduling is a great pick. The trusted production management software is a desktop-based video and movie schedule. Consequently, it does not have online features. However, most large companies use the software.

Gorilla Scheduling applies to call sheets, breakdowns, and storyboards, including the scheduling portion of the software. The one-off price of $249 is for the starter pack, but it’ll cost you $429 for the entire combo package. As a result, it’s best to think if this brand will be the right for you and if the scale of production matters.


StudioBinder is recognized as one of the best modern production management software. Their program offers diverse, fully integrated, and cloud-based tools. The features load fast, with collaboration UI built into each device. In addition, this means there is no need for installs, no loading times, and no runtime updates. StudioBinder offers call sheets, templates, script breakdowns, storyboards, shot lists, shooting schedules, screenwriting, and more.

Best for using customizable solutions for photo and video production, the software has a free plan that allows one project per company. Accordingly, their tier pricing includes Indie ($29 per month), Professional ($49 per month), and Studio ($99 per month).


Revolution Entertainment Service strives to perfect the production management services and continue that trend with their software ProCal. Scheduling can be the biggest headache during production, but this production management software will help bring everything into focus. The web-based production calendar application was developed with input from film, television, and commercial professionals. ProCal sets up new calendars, invites users in seconds, and creates customizable categories and events for better organization.

Reschedule quickly with a couple of clicks and move some or all events to accommodate production changes. Also, ProCal is always connected to customer support, for they’ll always be there, ready and waiting to aid you. Finally, give it a test run to see if it’s perfect for your production.


Celtx was originally a desktop screenwriting tool but has evolved since then. The production management tool has since gone online. As a result, Cetlx has become a haven for production manager tools like scheduling, budgeting, script breakdown, and shot lists. The all-in-one, cloud-based production management software generates project documents within the device. It also includes client approvals and shareable links to production documents.

Celtx offers a free 15-day trial with plans starting at $13.49 a month. However, their price of $53.99 per month is a steal for all the great features and user-friendly capabilities. Therefore, it lets its user stay on schedule, stay organized, accelerate their progress, and stay on their budget.


The production management software, with modern features, aims to keep all of your paperwork and team in one place. The online program features calendars, tasks, asset management, file sharing, feedback, integrations, and privacy. In addition, Assemble ensures the management of projects from pre-production to post-production. The software even provides an on-demand demo to its users in case they need it.

One of the Assembles best features is its feedback system. For this reason, the user can give comments or feedback at specific points. This feature allows a better understanding of the project or can provide personal input to address someone. Prices start at $19/month for their All Access feature and go up depending on their upgrade, additional storage, and unlimited projects adage.

Production Management Software Bonus: Truebudget

TrueBudget provides a beautiful and easy-to-use budgeting platform for “short-form” productions such as commercials, music videos, promos, and more. Features include digital purchase orders, budget importing, currency conversion, overtime calculators, and so much more. Customizable, easy to organize, customer support, try TrueBudget today and increase productivity for your entire team.


Production management software comes in all shapes and sizes. Many programs have free trials, and it would be worth testing software before committing to buy one. Accordingly, knowing which program is right for you will also depend on the size of your project and budget and picking the right tool to match your production needs.