Representation matters, and Hollywood has been following that motto for some time. As a result, many minority groups’ stories are being told on the big and little screens for audiences to have their world expand. Those in the Hispanic community are steadily gaining traction in becoming significant entertainment players. These people and Hispanic-owned productions are vital in giving a voice to what is essential and finding thought-provoking ways to share their stories.

The Hispanic community carries many tales and experiences relatable to anyone willing to listen. Stories that fit into multiple film genres are essential because of the ways they develop the cinema world. These anecdotes open a window for those in other communities to see how life is for Hispanics. Hispanic Heritage Month is vital in recognizing those Latino-owned productions paving the way for future generations.

Sanchez Media – Pasadena, CA

The media company led by Alan Sanchez is a production house specializing in content creation and entertainment marketing. Established in 2018, Sanchez and his creative team have slowly and steadily built an impressive clientele such as AOL, MSNBC, and Google. Additionally, Sanchez Media combines storytelling with small-scale production resources to bring attention to its creative projects. As a result, the company’s hard work and effort have built their clients’ trust.

Part of Sanchez Media’s inspirations aligns with artists and social commentary movements. Many of these influences come from the Punk Rock era, the ’60s – ’70s rock and films, Spike Lee, The Twilight Zone, and Jordan Peele.

Flywheel Film – New York City, New York

The New York-based company has been proud of working closely with clients and understanding their needs for quite some time. Founding members Jason Guzman and Philip Sachs have over ten years of shared experience in filmmaking and visual arts. In addition, the independent production company focuses on creating digital media for various projects. As a result, many of their team members hold other expertise, such as editing, storyboarding, photography, light, and post-production.

Accordingly, their creative works involve animation, PSA, commercials, and short films. Their clients in the past are A&E and the American Association of University Women, and the list only keeps growing.

Amiga Pictures – Brooklyn, New York

Amiga Pictures is highly sought out because of its thought-provoking narrative and documentary storytelling talents. The LGBTQ and Latinx-owned production company commits to creating engaging, cinematic films for agencies and brands. For over 15 years, founders Taryn Kosviner and John Gutierrez have continued to showcase their massive talent spectacularly.

Kosviner is a writer, director, producer, and cinematographer whose work is recognized at numerous film festivals. Additionally, Gutierrez brings his years of experience directing and editing films that combine distinctive and evocative visual language for compelling narratives. As a result, companies such as HBO, Adidas, and Huawei have come to collaborate with the duo.

Vendetta Entertainment – Los Angeles, California

Nelly Castillo and Joan Pla established Vendetta Entertainment in 2010 and remained the premier full-service creative production company. The company states, “Our ethos is to be an advocate for talent, equality, and diversity. Therefore, we are proudly pledging to support female directors and crew.” Vendetta Entertainment features an extensive portfolio of work, including commercials, narrative, digital content, music videos, and photography. Consequently, the media house has worked with companies such as Sony Music, Netflix, GQ Style, El Rey Networks, and Cosmopolitan.

The company believes that “creativity and work ethics should define anyone’s career regardless of color, origin, ethnicity, gender or age” and strives to keep true to that statement.

PAM Studios – Rome, Georgia

PAM Studios has become the first Latina-owned production company to open in Georgia and will not stop there. CEO Maria Guerra-Stoll has already begun filming projects in July, and the PAM studios celebrated their grand opening in September. One of their first projects is a reality TV series, 40 Akerz and a Brew, starring the Grammy-nominated hip-hop group Nappy Roots. Additionally, the creation of the production purpose is to inspire people from all over the world to dream big and make a difference.

The company’s goal is to showcase the perspectives of women and minorities in the entertainment industry by representing them accurately and respectfully. The site’s core vision states, “Break down stereotypes by promoting dignified roles for underserved cultures.”

In Conclusion

These Hispanic-owned production companies are just a drop in the bucket of the Latino community’s potential. Their skills for storytelling will inspire those wanting to make a name for themselves in entertainment or elsewhere. It’s vital to bring to those during Hispanic Heritage Month and share the knowledge this community has given us. As a result, things can change for the better. They will continue to help those needing innovation and a boost in creativity.