Production payroll is a delicate but helpful tool when running a big or small project. Various big studio companies have production payroll services to help with the day-to-day work. However, smaller studios that produce tighter budget productions tend to hire payroll services for the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, whether big or small, payroll production mistakes can threaten the financial health of any project.

Many wide-ranging consequences in the production payroll business can cost weeks of lost time or significant tax penalties—to name a couple. Several of these oversights can cause a halt in production and potentially derail virtually any budget. Yet, many in the production payroll services are willing to help.

In this first series of advice articles, we asked those within Revolution Entertainment Services what assistance could help our clients. Their advice and helpful tips will teach and aid those wanting to avoid common payroll errors.

Vital Employment Information

Today’s technology has made it easier for employees to fill out and send vital employment information to their employers. However, in some cases, missteps can happen in the process:

“A lot of the time, we have employees who work on multiple projects. Employees who want direct deposit should fill out the form for every new job they perform. That also goes for any other paperwork, like W4s or their address. Employees assume we have them in the system for a project they worked on three months ago. We don’t automatically enter the same information. The employees must complete the paperwork like it’s a new project.”

Justin League – Sr. Payroll Coordinator

Thoroughly Reviewing

Clients thoroughly reviewing their payroll information is vital to running a smooth production. Consequently, a less comprehensive evaluation can be costly and negatively affect a project:

“There have been cases where the clients approve payroll without looking it over. Then, later along the line, they come back to us with that issue. Clients [should] review the edits more carefully before approving.”

Hector Bahena – Payroll Coordinator

ProHire Use

Revolution Entertainment Services offers several products to help productions operate efficiently. Their software, ProHire, has been used by several studios in the filmmaking industry. Therefore, advice on how to use the software can benefit our clients:

“This is not so much a mistake, but it is something that would make the process easier for both payroll and the client. Clients who use ProHire as their preferred method of submitting timecards and starting paperwork should take the time to learn the system.

They can opt-in for a quick tutorial when requesting the job to be set up, and one of the amazing support team members will walk them through the process from start to finish.”

Diego Ortega – Payroll Coordinator


Common payroll errors can be stressful. However, they’re undoubtedly avoidable with knowledge and the help from Revolution Entertainment services. Our employees and well-placed highly demanded software are there to offer solutions for our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact Revolution Entertainment Services anytime for any questions or aid with your payroll production. We aim to put our clients first.