TrueBudget by Revolution


Los Angeles, CA: Revolution Entertainment Services (“Revolution”) today announced TrueBudget, a new production budgeting platform. TrueBudget is an easy to use budgeting and actualizing platform specifically designed for short form productions; commercials, promos, music videos and offers a new way for producers to increase productivity for entire teams.

“TrueBudget will be a game changer for the commercial industry,” says Charlie Steiner, Chief Executive Officer at Revolution. “Current budgeting programs are outdated and have not kept up with market demands.  We are excited to change that narrative.”

Features and benefits of TrueBudget include.

  • Budget – Create a budget for your project using the industry standard AICP format
  • Actualize – Easily track production costs using simple logs
  • Design – Create your Purchase Order template just the way you like it.

TrueBudget will be available starting Monday, June 14th. For more information on TrueBudget, visit


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