It’s called entertainment production, but without the right tools and services, it can become quite draining.

When you embark on a creative project, you, as a producer, and your performers should be able to have fun.

However, dealing with the legalities, the documentation, and payment protocols can put a damper on your excitement.

At Revolution, we aim to make things easier and handle the stressful aspects of entertainment production for you.

Here are some reasons why our entertainment payroll services are the best that you can get in the industry:



The future of entertainment payroll services is virtual. Revolution has created a fully automated set of tools that makes complicated production paperwork redundant.

Through our intuitive pool of software, clients have full visibility of their production and payroll processes.

Let’s look into some of our software that clients can use for seamless payroll management:



When you’re running projects like commercials, where actors get paid by the hour, payroll is tracked through timecards.

Revolution’s ProHire software helps you keep track of employee attendance and hours through a sophisticated dashboard.

With a few clicks, you can generate start and time cards within minutes and get on top of your payment process.

ProHire is programmed with the information to deal with timecards according to different unions, non-union, and state laws.

Moreover, even if you’re not using Revolution’s payroll service, you can still use the ProHire software.

All you have to do is add your company logo, custom policy documents, and videos for personalization. And voila! You get seamless integration of ProHire with the payroll service of your choice.

Through our cutting-edge technology, we’ve made sure that you get a hassle-free experience through and through.



With ProAnalytics, we take things up a notch from our competitors.

No matter which entertainment payroll service you’re using, or if you’re using multiple ones, we provide you a clear picture of your payroll data.

Payroll management requires much more insight than attendance and hours info. Effective payroll providence often involves data like paid sick leave and the Affordable Care Act.

ProAnalytics gives you easy access to this information across multiple entertainment payroll companies.

Other than that, our comprehensive database and robust analytics allow us to provide you with any aggregated reporting you might need.


A broad range of productions covered:

Revolution’s unique selling proposition is that it covers a comprehensive range of entertainment payroll.

Unlike most of the competitors that focus on specific production formats like film and TV, Revolution provides payroll services for:



Even within the feature’s category, other entertainment payroll companies focus on one or two categories.

However, Revolution’s payroll services span high-end films, independent features, and short films. They even cover new media and documentary formats.



Prime entertainment on television doesn’t just come in the form of serialized shows. In fact, popular television content lies within other genres like reality and live shows too.

Keeping that in mind, Revolution has expanded its production payroll services to reality, scripted, documentary, sports, live, and game-show formats.

Each format has its own payment considerations. Our team of experts is equipped with the expertise to manage and deliver them on time.



When promoting your products and services, it’s important to take an integrated media approach.

To make sure that you can focus on creating a 360º marketing campaign, we manage payroll for commercials on television, radio, and new media.

We understand that the conventional seconds-to-minutes commercial style may not satisfy the needs of every business.

So, we’ve introduced production payroll services for infomercial and long-form ads as well.

If you want to create demo commercials to explain your products in detail or go the B2B route with industry-specific commercials, our entertainment payroll services have got you covered.


Music Videos:

While you brainstorm the perfect idea for your performance, narrative, or concept-based music videos, we handle your money matters.

Just like commercials, music videos are short-term projects, and we ensure that you’re on top of your payments when you wrap up.


Live Events:

The stakes are high during live event production. Despite rigorous preparations, a lot is at the mercy of ‘the moment’ during live events.

But you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your performers and crew paid on time.

Revolution’s live event payroll feature covers concerts, stand-up shows, and theatre. So, you can go seize the moment.


Well versed in union and state laws

No matter the format, dealing with payments for entertainment productions requires in-depth knowledge of union and state labor laws.

Rather than going through hefty legal literature yourself, you can trust Revolution to handle the nitty-gritty for you.

Our payroll and accounting experts specialize in:


Payments for entertainment workers don’t always end with the project. Commercial, TV, or film actors may be subject to residual fees every time their work is reused or published to a new media platform.

Terms and conditions for residual payments vary for different formats and contracts.

As a prime entertainment payroll service, it’s our job to be aware of all legalities regarding residual fees and schedules for TV, basic cable, pay cable, video/DVD, new media, and theatrical productions.

We also make sure that all your payments comply with the Collective Bargaining Agreement set by the relevant labor unions.


Tax incentives

To catalyze economic growth, several countries and US states offer tax incentives for film and television productions.

Knowing where these incentives are implemented can be a bonus for your production. In fact, this information plays a major role when deciding the production location.

In addition to payroll management, we assist our clients in understanding the nature of specific tax incentives.

Moreover, we track wages and store information that can be used when submitting approval applications to state agencies and maximize tax refunds.

By taking on this responsibility, we minimize the amount of legal work on our client’s end so they can focus on their production.


Wrapping up:

In addition to production payroll services, we also provide accounting and other business services. To explore our full suite of our offerings, visit our website here.